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The Wellness Difference

We believe that wellness is not simply freedom from disease, rather functioning in an optimal state of living. Humans are not singular beings; we are multi dimensional, ever evolving creatures.

A  singular focus on just one aspect of well-being, such as physical health, may get us results in that area, 

but will it help us create whole life wellness? 

Our wellness plan,program,goals should suit OUR unique lives-being multi-dimensional and
able to change with the rhythm and flow of living.

If you are interested in wellness that considers the whole person, join us!

. Allison Raeh Wellness offers virtual yoga and meditation classes and workshops, private yoga sessions,
Health Coaching, and  yoga classes and workshops in the community. 

 Together, we'll develop a path for you to be well in soul, in body, and in mind. 

Wellness, like life,  is not a straight and narrow path; it has turns and obstacles and detours and can take you places you have never imagined. 

Own your journey. 

Allison Raeh

Classes & Events 

Saturdays @

Southern Saratoga YMCA

8:00 am- All Levels Yoga (60 minutes-Outdoors)

Improve strength, balance, posture, coordination and flexibility in this all levles yoga class. Perfect for those new to yoga, as well as experienced practitoners!

YMCA Members Only

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Private Session

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