The Wellness Difference

Journey with me on the path to true wellness. This is not simply freedom from disease, this is functioning in an optimal state of living. Humans are not singular beings; rather, multi dimensional, ever evolving creatures. 

A  singular focus on just one aspect of life such as the physical may get us results in that area, 

but will it help us create whole life wellness? 

If you are interested in wellness that considers the whole person, join me!

Health & Lifestyle Coaching aims to facilitate positive, lasting change encompassing fitness, nutrition, stress management, and behavior change. I offer one on one Health Coaching, Life Coaching, yoga classes in the comunity at the YMCA, as well as workshops, retreats, and holistic  healthy household classes. 

 Together, we'll aim to be well together in spirit, intellect, body, community, and while at work. 

Wellness, like life,  is not a straight and narrow path; it has turns and obstacles and detours and can take you places you have never imagined. 

Own your journey. 

Allison Raeh

Classes & Events 


5:15pm - Power Yoga

Bethlehem  YMCA , Delmar, NY


8:15am- Power Yoga

Kidz Lodge, Clifton Park, NY

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[email protected]